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Personal Life Coaching

If you are interested in transforming your life and the people around you, want to enhance your career, or want to take up a new job, unblock your restrictions, and master your mind and emotions. Striving for new healthy mindset and habits and clear unwanted emotions You are in the right place. Register here to learn more details on our certified personal 1:1 coaching.


Soft Skills Coaching

Are you looking to master your communication and presentation skills, and develop stronger soft skills Including emotional intelligence and conflict management and abilities to get recognized and achieve greater results in your job? Are you the one looking for certified soft skills classes? You are in the right place. Register here to learn more about our certified soft skills and communication classes.

Importance of Soft Skill Training

Sof͏t skill training is very important. Because it helps us communicate, work together, and solve problems effectively. These skills enhance our relationships with others. They also improve our ability to cope with changing situations.

In today’s world,͏ employers value soft skills immensely. For instance, employers value communication, teamwork, creativity, and emotional intelligence skills immensely. These skills are key for personal growth. And these skills definitely help you to succeed in a fast-paced global environment. Impro͏ving soft skills can boost͏ performance. Not only that, but it also improves producti͏vity, and satisfaction at work and͏ in daily life. Communication skill͏s help͏ us express͏ ourselves clear͏ly ͏and bui͏ld strong co͏nnections. Working as a team encourages collaboration for better results. Being creative allows us to find new solutions when facing challenges. Emotional intelligence helps us handle emotions and conflicts, and build connections. ͏

Soft skills training e͏nha͏nce͏s our professional and personal lives. It improves leadership, teamwork, and communication. These trainings boost confidence, res͏ilience͏, and adaptability in a changing world. These are some of the major significance of soft skills training. There are others and they are numerous.

So, take our soft skills training to boost your career greatly.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals of this generation by providing them with a personalized approach to life coaching. We strive to equip them with the essential knowledge, talent, and mindset to achieve their highest potential in their personal life. Senergie Offers high-quality life coaching sessions. Our main goal is to help individuals overcome any obstacles that may hinder their personal growth and assist them in reaching their goals. We believe every person has the potential to succeed, and our mission is to help them reveal that potential and live a fulfilling life.

Our Vision​​

Our objective is to establish a world in which everyone has unimpeded access to all resources necessary for their growth and development.

How Can Senergie Help with Personal Life Coaching
and Leadership Coaching?

S͏energie can assist you in personal and professional development. We do this through personal coachin͏g and leadership coaching. We have skilled coache͏s who offer personalized͏ sessions. They are based on your needs. In personal coachi͏ng, we help you identify strengths, values, and goals. So that, you can overcome challenges and achieve a fulfilling life. 

Our compas͏sion͏ate approach empowers our learners. With our coaching, you can achieve long-term happiness through positive change. We provide ͏onli͏ne ͏co͏urses, workshops,͏ and events. We are for your growth and development. Our resources offer learning opportunities and networking support. You can partner with us. So that, you can get ͏access to a ͏supportive community and knowledge. 

We can aid your success and growth. We ͏provides coaching to un͏loc͏k you͏r potentia͏l. You can improve self-confidence, communication, or leadership with our coac͏hing. You can choose packages that suit you best. Moreover, you can get gu͏idance from us to transform your life and career. Our personal coa͏ching can help you overcome your challenges. And enhance your relationships, health, and well-being. Our leadership c͏oaching can help you develop your skills and strengths. Not only that, but we also guide you through your difficult situations.

About Suryapraba

Suryapraba is a certified NLP master coach certified by the founder of the RS method, Robert Simic.

She is the founder and course director of Senergie, where she creates a collaborative learning environment. Her coaching style involves the interplay of soft skills, and unconscious and conscious learning processes, aiming to help learners reach their fullest potential. Surya’s unique coaching approach uses interactive real-time scenarios, experiences, and metaphors to elicit limiting beliefs and build deeper confidence in learners. This sets her coaching apart from others.

Reshape your reality by removing your emotional barriers and limiting beliefs and pave a path to
unlish your true self.


Life Coaching


Nabal Al Qousi,Dubai

I had the pleasure to know Coach Surya and I’m writing this to let

everyone know how lucky they will be, to be coached by her she

is pure soul full of light love compassion determination dedication and

persistent to offer the best of the best to help and deliver the results that

can shift your life up.

Samantha Arnell,United kingdom

What a pleasure it was to be coached by Surya. She is a fantastic

listener, I felt she really heard me and intuitively knew what I needed to

clear some emotional blocks I was holding. She creates a safe and

healing environment and shines a light on my blind spots helping me to

create a powerful change in perspective. I would recommend her to anyone

looking to create change in their life and feel more empowered.

Nithya (Medical Professional)

It’s been a wonderful journey traveling with Surya. She is the most

dedicated, highly Optimistic, and inspiring trainer I have ever seen. She

helped me overcome my limiting beliefs and personal obstacles such

as fear, guilt, anger, self-doubt, etc.
She helped me restore my self-confidence, better communication, and

believe in my abilities. Highly recommend attending Life coaching with

Suryaprabha Selvam for miracles to happen in your Life.


What Our Clients Say about Senergie Global

Charles Vimal
Charles Vimal
Suryapraba selvam (Life coach) I am feeling more positive in myself.I would like to Thank you again for being my Coach and for what u have given me.It has made an impact on my life.I am still trying to improve myself day by day.U are such a wonderful person with Great Knowledge and Showing Positivity to those who are in need.Thank u once again Suryapraba selvam.
sajin mon
sajin mon
Helped me to break anxiety chain
Thaanvee vinod
Thaanvee vinod
Great Experience with Ms. Suryapraba
madhumithass81 mitha
madhumithass81 mitha
Suryaprabha Selvam (coach) such a sweet person who helps in boosting my self confidence and personality development. She also helps in overcoming my Indecisiveness state that leads to my mental maturity. She also gives n number of ideas for my career development. Thank you so much for improving me in all the possible ways you can .
shalini prabhu
shalini prabhu
Suryapraba Selvam[coach] such a best coach i never met before.she help me to boost our inner personality.clear so many doubt to take right decision .such a sweet and humble person.i really pleasure to attend ur sessions👍🤝👏👏 great job mam 👏👏👏👏👍
Cube Rockers
Cube Rockers
She is very good inteligent and her coaching improved my self confidence and bold.Thank you