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Regardless of what our personality type is, we can all work on our mindset, thoughts and behaviours. We may indeed tend to be a certain way, based on our characters, but if we can realign our thoughts of self-doubt, low self-esteem and unbelief, we can reshape our present reality to a state of desire for life and fulfilment. Ongoing process of personal development. NLP coaching helps us to understand the connection between our minds, thoughts, and behaviours and enables us to make the best use of them for a successful and productive life.

What is NLP?

Have you ever felt that there is something important you must do, but your mind isn’t allowing you to do so? We all have wanted to establish our command over our minds to do productive work at some point in our life. This control over our mind can be established through NLP. It is a psychological approach that focuses on the connection between language, thoughts, and behavioural patterns that we have gathered through different experiences in our life. NLP is a dynamic means of personal development and communication for individuals. It enables us to have a better understanding of how our thoughts affect our behaviours and language. With the help of NLP coaching, one can dive into the depth of one’s mind, which would result in an increase of self-awareness, improvement of communication skills, and attainment of desired outcomes.


NLP meaning

NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, is a set of strategies to improve overall psychological and mental health. It helps to influence one’s behaviours, communication, and goals. With the help of NLP, it is possible to organise our thoughts and channel them to a path of positive and healthy thinking. NLP encompasses the following things:

  • Neuro: It basically refers to the neurological processes within the human body. It’s a storehouse of human experiences.
  • Linguistic: It directs towards the non-verbal communication systems that we use to express these experiences.
  • Programming: It is the way of organising our thoughts and behaviors gathered from previous experiences to obtain specific outcomes.

History of NLP Coaching

NLP was developed in the early 1970s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Why are some people not as successful as others? – this curiosity by Bandler and Grinder led to the formation of NLP coaching. They have studied successful therapists to understand the pattern of human behavior. Finally, they accumulated their findings into a series of models and techniques that guided towards the foundation of present NLP coaching.

How Does NLP Work?

NLP states that the experiences that we gather are reshaped by our senses, language, and internal emotions. So, if one can reprogram these processes, the mode by which we perceive experiences would completely change. This can help individuals to mitigate their fear, overcome their limitations, resolve conflicts, and achieve their goals. This reframing of internal senses is done with the help of NLP coaching.

Psychological and mental health are very important to bring the best out of an individual. NLP helps to configure this to influence an individual’s overall personal development. After having a complete idea of a person’s mental condition, guidance is provided to them so that they can overcome the mental barrier and unleash their full potential to lead a happy and healthy life.

Why need NLP Neuro Linguistic life Coaching

In today’s digital world, where stress, depression, and anxiety have become a regular occurrence, NLP coaching can be a lifesaver. It enables individuals to face challenges, establish patience, and practice positive thinking. Whether the courage to overcome fear, to improve communication, or to build relationships, NLP coaching is the ultimate guide for effective transformations.
Some of the major benefits of NLP coaching are:

Mindset Coach
  • Emotional intelligence: NLP coaching can manage emotions effectively by understanding the connection between thoughts and behaviors.
  • Stress Management: It provides many stress and anxiety management techniques like breathing exercises, relaxation strategies, and coaching to reduce overall stress.
  • Goal Achievement: NLP eliminates the mental barrier and fatigue in the path of achieving a goal that ultimately leads to success and prosperity.
  • Personal Development: Control over the mind can be established with the help of NLP coaching, which ensures overall personal development.
  • Self-Confidence Boost: NLP helps to mitigate insecurities and fear. Hence, the self-confidence of an individual would be significantly boosted.
  • Overcoming Fear: Fear is one of the main obstacles to experiencing many beautiful things in life. NLP coaching can mitigate this.
  • Communication Skills: NLP provides many strategies and techniques for mastering the art of communication.
  • Relationship Stability: The help of this Coaching can know the keys to maintaining a healthy and stable relationship.

What does an NLP neurolinguistic practitioner do?

An NLP practitioner tries to conduct change both at the conscious and unconscious levels of the client. By a combination of techniques, strategies, and patterns, they help clients reframe their thinking, mitigate their fear, and improve their mental health. By utilizing the power of language and perception, NLP practitioners help their clients by the following method:

  • Understanding Client: The first thing an NLP practitioner tries is to understand the present state of the client by communicating with them.
  • Identification of Problem: After enquiring about the client’s problem, the practitioner identifies the problem of the client for further processes.
  • Goals Clarification: The next job of the practitioner is to have a clear idea about the goals and expectations of the client.
  • Teaching Techniques and Strategies: The practitioner teaches the clients many actionable techniques and strategies to achieve their visions.
  • Providing Beliefs: The practitioner gives their clients the necessary beliefs and mental support to ensure that their clients don’t give up.
  • Feedback: Practitioners hold regular meetings with their clients to justify whether their clients are making progress or not.

Our exclusive programmes

Senergie Mindset Coach program

This is a 10 day coach programme where the learners learn the Neurobiology of the brain, How emotions overload the brain & take away its coping ability & its impacts on daily functions,  and micro-skills of compassion, and self-awareness and tools and techniques which also includes NLP for self coaching and coaching others.

The sessions will be conducted both online and offline. Participants can choose to attend in person at the office or join online at their convenience. Timings will be scheduled by prior appointment to ensure a pleasant learning experience. For more details contact us.

Personal coaching program

 Our experts coach you with powerful neuroscience tools for your personal needs. The coaching includes relationship coaching, where we specialise in guiding couples through pre-wedding, unexpected divorce, and relationship conflicts. Mindset coaching fosters personal and career growth by unlocking your full potential, overcoming the barriers and paving the path to professional success. Our exclusive well-being workshop includes helping individuals to overcome impulsive behaviours such as buying and overeating and also addressing stress and anxiety. Through our expert coaching we support you to navigate any challenges your going through and bring out the best results. Senergie supports you to reshape your reality with powerful NLP tools.

Senergie for NLP Life coaching

Senergie offers an effective method of NLP coaching to ensure the empowerment of its clients. The experts of Senergie are very much aware of their duties and responsibilities. Not only this but the reviews and feedback of previous clients have also given us the best life coaching service in Dubai and India. Here’s why you should use Senergie for NLP linguistic Coaching:

  • Competitive Pricing: In comparison to other coaching, Senergie offers the best pricing for our clients by keeping the quality of service intact.
  • Expert Team: All the practitioners of Senergie are prominent life coaches who ensure that our clients get the best quality service.
  • Best Quality Coaching: With our top-class coaches, we are always cautious in providing our clients with the best user experience.
  • Easy Payment Method: We ensure easy and secure transactions by securing the privacy of all our clients’ personal and financial information.
  • Reviews and Feedback: The reviews and feedback of our valued clients have given us the reputation that we have Today.
  • Trust and Confidentiality Our clients are our utmost priority we ensure the confidentiality of the clients according to the local law. We strictly follow the ethics and guidelines of coaching which build mutual trust and confidence in the client.
  • Certification Our Coaching is recognized by UAF ISO  Accreditation is the official validation or recognition of an assessment body’s proficiency, ethics, trustworthiness and independence to take on certification assessment activities. For certificates to be reputable and accepted worldwide, accreditation from third-party certification bodies.
UAF – United Accreditation Foundation

UAF is internationally recognized by having a signatory status across multilateral recognition arrangement of International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and mutual recognition arrangements of Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC).

United Accreditation Foundation (UAF) is situated at 400 North Center DR, STE 202, Norfolk, VA 23502, United States of America.

for More details can be found at UAFaccreditation.

ISO certification is a credential that validates a business’s fulfilment of requirements relating to quality process standards as defined by the International Standards Organization. The ISO is a non-governmental organization that determines specifications for products, services, and systems for quality and efficiency.

nlp coaching academy
nlp coaching academy

Best Mindset Coaching from Senergie

Senergie provides the best life coaching services in India and Dubai. With our knowledge, talent, and mindset, we provide continuous support to our clients to evolve their life. Our expert coaches are there to help you reframe your mindset and mitigate your fear. With our customized coaching services, you can choose the best-suited plan for yourself and start your journey of becoming a master of your mind. To have command over the mind is like a superpower. It enables one to bring the best version of himself. It helps to be confident and productive. It is useful to mitigate fear and insecurities. In a simple word, it gives you the power to become an exceptional human. If you are tired of your present self and want to become unrecognizable within the minimum possible time, then book your coaching today!